Luxe Salon Suites is a premier destination for beauty professionals looking for a luxurious and fully equipped workspace to showcase their skills. With a wide range of amenities, Luxe Salon Suites offers a comfortable and professional environment for hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, and other beauty experts.

Luxe Salon Suites Amenities Include

  • 24/7 Building Access24/7 Building Access
  • Styling Chair ProvidedStyling Chair Provided
  • Shampoo Bowl + Chair ProvidedShampoo Bowl + Chair Provided
  • All Utilities, Such As Water and<br />
Electricity, Included All Utilities Such As Water and Electricity Included
  • Wifi IncludedWifi Included
  • Cabinets and Sinks Are<br />
Installed In Each Unit Cabinets and Sinks Are Installed In Each Unit
  • Washer and Dryer Access Washer and Dryer Access
  • Waiting Room For ClientsWaiting Room For Clients
Amenities About

One of the standout features of Luxe Salon Suites is its 24/7 building access. This allows beauty professionals to work at their own pace and schedule appointments conveniently. Additionally, Luxe Salon Suites provides all of the necessary equipment, such as styling chairs and shampoo bowls, to ensure that beauty professionals can focus on providing their clients with top-notch service. Wi-Fi and all utilities, such as water and electricity, make Luxe Salon Suites an all-inclusive and hassle-free workspace for beauty professionals.

Each suite is equipped with cabinets and sinks, which allow beauty professionals to store their tools and supplies in a clean and organized manner. Washer and dryer access is also provided, so beauty professionals can wash their towels and capes on-site. A break room, complete with a fridge and microwave, allows for a comfortable and convenient workspace. Lastly, the waiting room for clients is a welcoming and stylish space that adds to the overall luxurious atmosphere of Luxe Salon Suites.

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